Kekeli Women are a group of women trained as community health promoters, taking education they have received through formal training to improve health in their own communities.

Kekeli means brightness in Ewe, the local language that is spoken in the Volta Region where we work. This is in addition to English, the national language.

I love the meaning of Kekeli. I can’t think of a better word to capture the work that the women in Ghana do. We, a group of women from the US, teach women in Ghana to teach women in their communities. It is so simple. And it is profound.

It is well known and accepted that women, who often run the household, can effect significant change in their communities. We know that in communities where the young women are educated, the communities will thrive. There will be considerable improvements in mortality, fertility, poverty reduction, a decrease in violence and equitable growth. Who would not want this for their daughters and for their sons?

As members of the RHC we spend our time, resources and love on this endeavor because we believe in exposing this brightness.


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