This is a really important question.  We appreciate the trust that all our donors give us, but we also want to be very transparent with you.

By way of examples, we use it for things like this:

  • We pay a staff of four part-time employees
  • We give the women small stipends for their work
  • We pay for their trainings and transportation
  • We contribute to a “hardship fund” in the event of tragedies, which unfortunately are all too common in rural Ghana.
  • We give the women wound care supplies to use and condoms to distribute

This next year we also plan to add SMS tracking for antenatal care (if all goes well) and will likely need to expand our training site as the group grows (it is a cement slab with a cover from the sun).

As far as overhead, we cover this with private donations so that all of your donations go fully to our work in Ghana.  We do have to buy things like insurance for our board, pay credit card fees, host our web-site, and spend a little bit on fundraising (but not too much).  But we try to do all of this as leanly as possible.  Our USA executive team is all volunteer, we don’t pay for office space, we use non-profit accounts with Google, Slack, and Mail Chimp online which give us access to free services that would otherwise cost quite a bit.

In short, we’re frugal (and when you’re a small organization like we are, you have to be).  We’ve seen how far your money goes in Ghana and we’re inspired to use every penny possible there.  It is why one of our values is Responsible with Resources.

Thank you for entrusting them to us.  We can assure you they’re being put to good use.

For a look at our 2015 financials, click here.

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