Funds for Phones!

Another Trip and a New Program!

We are headed to Ghana and expanding our Antenatal Monitoring Program! We are partnering with Medic Mobile to launch an app-based patient registration and reminder system to follow women through their pregnancies and encourage them to get the care they need. We also worked with another company called InvestED to create animated videos that the Kekeli Women will be able to show pregnant women and their families, using smartphones. These videos will provide education and advice throughout pregnancy. To read more about how the program will actually work on the ground, click here.

But why?

RHC carried out a needs assessment survey of 280 community members in 18 different communities in the Akatsi District last year. 63.6% of people expressed Little to No Confidence that pregnant women can get the support they need to have a healthy baby. With the Kekeli Women present in nearly 50 communities, we believe we can change this.

How Do YOU Fit In? 

Our goal is to raise $5000 during this campaign. This will help us purchase 50 smart phones (one for each Kekeli Woman), and fund the training and translation fees, and launch the program this August with our amazing partners Medic-Mobile and InvestED. We truly believe this program has the potential to save and change lives. To help out, please fill out the donation form on this page (we are suggesting a $50 donation but every donation helps). If you want to become a fundraiser for this campaign, click here and create your own fundraising goal! We are forever thankful for your continued love and support.