Kekeli Women


Number of Kekeli Women

Every Kekeli Woman is based in her own community where she lives and where she carries out her health promotion activities


Average Years in Program

Our 1st Kekeli training was in 2011, our 2nd in 2013, our 3rd in 2016, and our 4th in 2021. This number represents the average of all groups.


Kekeli Women Retention Rate

The Kekeli Retention Rate is the percentage of women who stay in the program (excluding those who move or pass away)



Education in 2023



This number reflects community events held by Kekeli Women, most often in public spaces but also in schools, churches, and homes


People Taught

This is the overall number of people in attendance at Kekeli teaching events in 2022


Unique Communities Taught

This number reflects the reality that Kekeli Women teach not only in their own communities but also in surrounding communities



Interventions in 2023


Blood Pressures Taken

The Kekeli Women are trained to take blood pressure readings using automated cuffs in their communities and refer when they are elevated


Wounds Treated

The Kekeli women are given training and supplies to treat minor wounds in their communities and refer to local clinics when needed


Referrals Made

Kekeli Women refer community members to local clinics for high BP, pregnancy monitoring, and other significant illness

Number of Teachings Over Time

Most Common Subjects Taught