#GivingTuesday is next Tuesday, November 28th, and we would love to be a part of your giving plans!

Each new group of Kekeli women we train receives a bicycle after one year of working as a Community Health Promoter with RHC. They receive them at this time because it allows them a period to focus on promoting health in their immediate communities first. Guess what! It’s the ONE YEAR anniversary since we trained the newest group of 19 Kekeli women!


Our goal is to raise $1720 to buy 19 bicycles! Each bike costs $90.50. We buy them from the local shop right in the heart of Akatsi and have them fashioned with a blue Kekeli basket. This helps support two local businesses… so with a donation to RHC you’re supporting “Small Business Saturday” as well! 😉

But WHY Bikes?

Bikes afford them the opportunity to reach nearby communities more easily and efficiently. Transportation is costly and unreliable in many of the villages of Akatsi. Bikes help the Kekeli women gain access to more communities and also be more accessible to people in need. They have all been working extremely hard and now it’s time for them to expand their efforts and knowledge to neighboring areas!

Will you join us for #GivingTuesday? We are so thankful for any amount you are able to give!