Our Origin Story

Akatsi (pronounced “ah-ka-chi”) is a district in eastern Ghana made up of over 100 villages of different sizes and poverty levels. RHC began here. While working on projects training women and studying the health of children, we began to recognize that the rural villages were being left behind. As our relationships with the local people developed, we listened to their stories and started our work alongside them, and the Kekeli Project was born.


With a small team of volunteers and committed Ghanaian partners, we formed RHC with these core values.

Health Education & Promotion

Empowering Women to Create Change

Collaboration & Community Engagement

Skill Development

Responsible with Resources

Long-Term Commitment

The Need

The truth is that the Akatsi District isn’t so different from thousands of places around the world facing economic despair, health inequality, and poor access to family planning.  These challenges can be overwhelming but in Akatsi they are personal.  Our relationships with the women we train constantly remind us that Akatsi isn’t what it could be and it isn’t what it should be.  This is where you come in.

With your help, we can make Akatsi healthier. We can spread health education across the district so communities can improve sanitation and prevent the diarrhea that kills their children. We can teach women to prevent hemorrhage at birth so mothers don’t die. And we can empower women to learn new skills and become leaders in their homes and communities.  We’ve done all these things but we need your help to do them over and over again until every woman and child has the opportunity they deserve. Will you join us?