A Year of Growth

As Rural Health Collaborative celebrated 10 years of health promotion in Ghana, we expanded our programming and our teams!


In August 2021, Kekeli 4 was launched! 24 new women from 24 new communities were trained over two weeks.

The teaching included sanitation, hygiene, family planning, malaria prevention, and other public health topics.

This was the first training done entirely in Ewe by the Ghana team, and they crushed it!

The leaders of the training were 6 Kekeli women from the previous 3 cohorts – each taking on a subject of their choosing to teach about. The training was supported by local nurses, the district health directors, and RHC team in Ghana.

Everyone adhered to COVID-19 protocols by wearing masks, washing hands, and socially distancing.

In June, the Ghana team partnered with local clinics and NGOs to provide health screenings for 180 individuals. The screenings covered blood pressure, malaria, diabetes, and other common diseases.


68 Kekeli women taught 13,657 people in 91 unique communities in Akatsi North and South Districts about various health topics including maternal and infant health, hygiene and sanitation, first aid, malaria, and chronic disease.

COVID-19 was also a main teaching topic, with Kekeli women sharing about ways to stay safe and stop the spread.

Kekeli women also directly treated 737 wounds and took blood pressure 2,844 times – making 10 referrals to local clinics for significant illness.

Our retention rate for the Kekeli women is 93% – a testament to the dedication of the Kekeli women, Ghana leadership staff, and RHC long-term commitment.


In July we hired Benedicta Yayra Afeavo as the new Ghana Communications Director and monitor. She completed Government Secretarial School with a certificate in Business Secretaryship and Management. Welcome to the team!

In June, the Ghana and US teams had a video call reflecting on the past 10 years and celebrating all that has happened!

Freeman Gobah, Country Director for Pencils of Promise in Ghana, joined our Board of Directors. We are thrilled for the expertise that he brings to the group!

We continue to be thankful for the leadership of our Board of Directors.

Thank you to Sean, Melissa, Eric, Sarah, Amanda and Freeman!


In October, RHC had our biggest fundraiser yet! 50 supporters increased their monthly donation by $1,906.02 and donated $2,678.82 in one-time gifts!

Currently there are 82 monthly donors in The Collective giving $3,424 each month. A record!

The Collective allows us to focus on our daily work, support our current Ghana team and Kekeli women, and plan for the future RHC. Thank you!!

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During the fiscal year 2020/2021 we raised a total of $58,595 in donations and grants.

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