Happy New Year from RHC!

As we reflect on this last year, we are overwhelmed with T H A N K F U L N E S S. In every small and large success we experienced in 2015 there is a heartfelt THANK YOU due. We could not have accomplished the work that took place without those of you who supported us, encouraged us and became part of our growth!

One of the beautiful pieces of our work as an executive team is the friendship we have created. It is really special to work on the issues that you are passionate about alongside a team of friends that share the same passion. Throughout the last year, we felt each of our own networks of friends and family show up for us as a team. Thank you for all the ways you reached deep and extended your support.

You made our most recent Ghana trip a success, brought excitement to our 5-year anniversary celebration and many of you became part of The Collective, our monthly giving program. We closed the year with another flood of generosity on Giving Rice Day and meeting our matching goal from a donated gift. Your generosity is palpable and it means so much to us and to the lives being impacted in rural Ghana!

You can learn more about our work and journey in 2015 by taking a look at our Annual Report. Stay connected as we enter into 2016 and yet another year full of excitement. We look forward to sharing more stories of the amazing work the Kekeli women are carrying out in their villages!

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