Ghana and back again!

How has it already been a month? I know I am not the first to marvel about the passage of time, how a month can feel simultaneously like a mere moment but also forever ago. I am grateful for the softness time lends to memories and feelings. This was my fifth trip to Ghana and truly the most energizing and inspiring trip I have ever been on. The women met the topics of Home Based Life Saving Skills Part II with a vigor that demanded to be matched. They were inquisitive, attentive, and per usual, inviting and hilarious!

We were fortunate enough to have two new wonderfully capable volunteers on the trip, Yvonne and Emily. They brought a willingness to be and do whatever was necessary. Their ability to teach and connect with the women within the first day was incredible to see! By day two they were teasing and teaching like this was also their fifth trip.

The teaching consisted of building on the solid foundation set by June’s team and expand on the skills of what to do to prevent problems, and assist appropriately, in pregnancy related situations. The aim remains to prevent complications with home births, which is about half of the births in the Akatsi community.

Something that still amazes me was the discovery that about half the women have taken it upon themselves to reach communities that are far flung and in greater need than some of the “closer in.” We ventured with one of the women and her four year old to one such community. Although it is the dry season and roads should make most communities accessible, we found ourselves walking most of the road. I cannot overstate the commitment of these women; this is just one small example.

On completion of the two week training, one of the general requests from the women was for more teaching. We had tested them, ran them through the paces of a rigorous program in a short amount of time, and the only request was for more?! And so, on the motivated coattails of this December trip, we hope to send another team back in the summer to teach HBLSS Part III!

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