Our Response to Coronavirus

Dear RHC Family, 

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at home. If you are an essential employee, and have to continue going into work, we thank you for what you do. The coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone, and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time. 

What is the plan for the Kekeli Program?

1. The Kekeli Program has been put on hold at this time. There will be no meetings or educational programs taking place. Our main concern is that the Kekeli women are healthy and safe.
2. The Kekeli women have been given a fact sheet on coronavirus and will be a source of correct information and referral in their communities. They will be supporting the policies of the District Health Centers in Akatsi. They will not have any hands on contact with community members. 
3. All usual Ghana Executive Team activities are also on hold. They will continue to meet virtually each month and check in via telephone with the Kekeli women, but they will not have contact with other members of the team. 

How is RHC USA supporting the Kekeli Program? 

1. The Kekeli women and the Ghana Executive Team will continue to receive their full stipend. We will also be paying for their health insurance through the Ghana Health Service (a plan that was already put in place before this outbreak). 
2. We are working on a plan to pay for healthcare costs related to COVID-19 for the Executive Team and the Kekeli women and their immediate families. This is something we feel strongly about, as our main focus at this time will be to support the health of the Kekeli women, who have been working tirelessly in their communities to support the health of others. 

Next Steps

1. It is with great sadness that we will be canceling our August 2020 Kekeli expansion trip. Lots of work goes into preparing and interviewing Kekeli candidates in the villages, and this is not safe for our team to do at this time. 
2. Our in-person fundraisers, that we were excited to roll out over the next couple months, are canceled. We have a beautiful film to share with you all, but this will have to wait till a later date! 

Ways to Support from Home

1. Continue to support through monthly donations as a part of The Collective- thank you!
2. Sign up to support us with Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile. 
3. Follow us on Instagram and tell your friends about what we do at RHC. 

Please stay safe out there. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Practice social-distancing. And stay at your own house as much as you can. We are in this together. 

RHC USA- Olivia, Steph, Jason, Heather, and Jess

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