RHC has a New Office!

RHC was officially recognized by the government of Ghana as an international NGO this past August. Previously we’d been formally partnered with a local NGO for our work. It was a 2 year process and we were thrilled when the paperwork was processed and our registration complete.

After registration with the national government, all international NGOs must then undergo a process of local registration with the Office of Social Welfare. (Tired yet?) This requires a visit to your office as part of their registration.

But RHC doesn’t have an office. Our work is decentralized in the rural communities around Akatsi. Our employees all work part-time and have other jobs (or are retired). The bi-monthly Kekeli training meetings occur under a covered roof, similar to a car-park, that we built on the property of our Ghanaian founder.

So over the past couple of months we underwent the process to find an office to rent—and we found one near our teaching space. Currently it is empty and needs furniture, a fan, and a lock for the door. But we are excited to have a space that we can use for daily work, business meetings with locals, and as storage for our supplies.

We leased the space for about $300/year. Below are a couple pictures of the space in its current shape.

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