It is New Year’s Day, which means in less than 10 days we are embarking on our return to Ghana. Much unlike the first time I traveled to Africa, I feel quite relaxed about heading halfway across the world. This is because in many ways, Ghana is like a second home.

For example, as I am writing this, I am thinking that I probably should get a prescription for an antimalarial drug. This little fact slipped my mind since Ghana has become a familiar terrain and the worst thing any of us has ever contracted there is strep throat. David likes to tell us that the mosquitoes are our friends and we shouldn’t worry…. But I think I’ll call tomorrow for a prescription just in case.

I am excited to return to Ghana to visit our friends. Aside from, or in addition to, the aim of improving the health of the communities in Akatsi, we like to visit our friends there. These have become women, and families, that we tell jokes and laugh with, share meals with, and are beginning to watch their babies grow into children. These are wonderful pieces of culture and community that we have been so graciously invited into.

We are looking forward to strengthening the ties that we have in the community, both with individual people as well as the local government and hospital administrators. Our hope is to continue to grow as a part of the community of Akatsi so that our work can be complementary to the work that is already going on.

I am really excited about the Leadership Curriculum that Heather developed. We will be spending the first week training the current Kekeli women; hopefully we will be boosting their confidence in themselves and their power to lead. This will be just in time for them to embark on playing a big role in training the next group of Kekeli women. We will also continue to explore the role we can play in improving education to and access of family planning.

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Next time you hear from me it will be from Akatsi, Ghana. Can’t wait!!


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