17 Things I Learned While Running Round a Mountain

  1. Sometimes you will give your legs pep talks. 
  2. Sometimes you will cuss at them. 
  3. When you roll your ankle really bad and want to cry you realize you probably shouldn’t because you’ll lose hydration.
  4. Sometimes you’ll try and hydrate more JUST so you can squat to pee/ take a break (sorry Coral).  
  5. You will go to dark places in your brain… Then eat a fun sized snickers or drink a soda or two and everything is right with the world/you’re on a sweet, sweet sugar high. 
  6. Having a crew that sits and wait hours on end just to see and help for ten minutes is everything. 
  7. Having a crew that sits and waits until you finish at eleven freaking pm makes you feel so many things. 
  8. Having a running partner who says they “feel good” the ENTIRE run makes you question her sanity and your weakness. 
  9. Remembering all the support, thoughts, prayers, and consistent words of encouragement  from people made me keep moving…and towards the end of the run, want to cry. But, back to that bit about hydration. 
  10. I will miss one of my big toenails now too.
  11. Running four hours in the dark with one headlamp and crossing multiple rivers is NOT recommended #butthosestarstho. 
  12. Trail running with friends vs solo IS WAY BETTER.
  13. Wait… Is even my skin sore? Yes, yes it is.  
  14. You may or may not have been behind your running partner the last 1.5 miles and tell her she can’t leave you because you started imagining the monster from Stranger Things coming to snatch you. You may or may not disclose this story until later… 
  15. You can run 45 miles subsisting on fun sized snickers bars, honey sticks, gummy bears, one tortilla, three slices of turkey and soda (soda never tasted so good).
  16. I unequivocally could not have done this without Coral. Who, by the way, I had only met once back in February. When I told her of my plan she said; “I’m in!” This speaks accurately to the person she is… And, I would say, our second ever hang out was pretty epic and will be hard to beat!
  17. I’m NEVER running again… Until my toenails grow back and my stress fracture heals  😜

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