20 Things I’ve Learned While Training

  1. I feel extremely grateful to be able bodied enough to even attempt something like this.
  2. I’m terrible at active recovery- active recovery after a hard effort involves me lying on the couch and moving as little as possible and asking for things to be brought to me.
  3. Fear is a great motivator- there have been times when everything in me does not want to do a long run or a hard work out or even a few miles. Then I remember what the ultimate goal is…
  4.  I used to think I could do most things out of sheer force of will, and while that is what I believe will help me finish, it is committing and training and prep that is making this possible.
  5. I have a very low vomiting threshold.
  7. Chaffing is NOT A JOKE.
  8. I have lost my pinky toenails. Perhaps forever. They will be missed.
  9. When you work full time and train there goes your social life. See you soon friends!
  10. I’m a carb monster now. Truly nothing else sounds good. Wait, “is butter a carb?” “Whatever. I’m getting cheese fries.”
  11. I know there will be retribution for all the spider webs I’ve ran through and wrecked.
  12. After a certain amount of miles and elevation gain it just hurts. But it’s also still fun. It’s weird….
  13. What do I think most consistently? In between “come on,” “just keep going,” “just go,” “my ankle hurts, stop thinking about it,” “my knee hurts, stop thinking about it.”
  14. Committing to and training for anything is hard.
  15. Blisters can get blisters.
  16. Always carry tp. Bark cannot be trusted.
  17. Perhaps one of the most painful parts after a long run is the drive back and having to get out of the car and walk the five to ten feet into the house.
  18. Speed interval training- I hate you. Soft sand runs- you too.
  19. Getting food poisoning (or maayyybeee I deviated from my normal nutrition plan) on my first 50k is one of the worst things I’ve ever physically experienced.
  20. I’ve never wanted to sleep so much in my life…except for when I worked night shift 😒

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