Universal #ChildrensDay

Children’s Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1954 in order to initiate action and promote children’s welfare on a global scale. There is a lot to be said about how far we’ve come over the years to bring about better conditions for children. UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, stated in a press release…

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SAVE THE DATE! October 10th

On October 10th from 4-7pm we will be hosting the RHC 5 Year Anniversary Celebration. We’re so excited to be partnering with Prettyman’s General in SE Portland for the event. In addition to celebrating 5 years of work in Ghana we are also thanking members of The Collective, our monthly donor group. This past month…

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Ghana and back again!

How has it already been a month? I know I am not the first to marvel about the passage of time, how a month can feel simultaneously like a mere moment but also forever ago. I am grateful for the softness time lends to memories and feelings. This was my fifth trip to Ghana and…

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Annual RHC Fundraiser: Give 4 Ghana

Rural Health Collaborative’s annual fundraiser is back! This year our goal is to sponsor each of our 37 Kekeli Women through 2015.  To support one Kekeli Woman each month costs only $20.  This covers a stipend, ongoing education and transportation costs, and supplies for their work. As part of our fundraiser this year, each RHC team member is going to…

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David with one of the Kekeli women

Meet David: RHC Country Director

David is a true entrepreneur, always in search of the next potential business opportunity. He is constantly on the go, juggling his many commitments, jobs, and mobile phones. He began his career as a teacher and has now moved on to mark standardized tests through the region. His other pursuits include owning a chemical shop…

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Meet Georgina: RHC Director of Monitoring

Georgina is a woman of wisdom and great character. Born in Eastern Ghana, she has been living and working in the Akatsi District for over 30 years. She works for the environmental service, a branch of the Ghanaian government in Akatsi, and she is widely respected throughout the district for her work ethic and honesty.…

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Meet Chiara, one of our newest RHC volunteers!

Chiara Del Giudice is a Labor and Delivery nurse at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon.  She was born in Trieste, Italy and has traveled widely.  Our trip to Ghana this June will be her first time in Africa. Upon earning her bachelors degree in psychology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign she went…

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The Meetings Go On

Despite our silence from time to time on our RHC Blog, the work does go on.  Recently, on March 14th, the Kekeli women came together for their first training of 2014.  They discussed the importance of vaccination, pneumonia prevention, and blood pressure management.  We are also welcoming a new Kekeli woman into our group.  Replacing…

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Words from Akatsi

We’ve been here a little over a week, and we have a handful of days left in Akatsi, Ghana. Time in Africa is strange. This is our fourth trip, and we are beginning to get used to the shift in pace. Time moves forward, but periodically pauses and holds still for a second longer than…

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Reducing Maternal Mortality through Home Based Life Saving Skills Course

Home Based Life Saving Skills (HBLSS) is an educational program that trains birth attendants, community health workers, and community members in specific actions aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality.  The program has been studied in several developing countries where it has been effectively disseminated and has been shown to increase actions to prevent hemorrhage…

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