David with one of the Kekeli women

Meet David: RHC Country Director

David is a true entrepreneur, always in search of the next potential business opportunity. He is constantly on the go, juggling his many commitments, jobs, and mobile phones.

He began his career as a teacher and has now moved on to mark standardized tests through the region. His other pursuits include owning a chemical shop (store-front pharmacy), farming leased land, helping run his father’s medical clinic, and running an Akatsi-based nonprofit.

The nonprofit is called Bethel Clinic Compassion Foundation (BCCF) which works to provide HIV/AIDS education in rural villages. It also treats stomach worms in children who have difficulty attending school because of their stomach pain. BCCF is a co-sponsor of the Kekeli program in Akatsi. He started this nonprofit with his own funds and frequently puts up the money to continue their efforts.

This is the kind of thing that tells you a lot about David. Another story is even more illustrative. A US based nonprofit called Pencils of Promise committed to build a school in the village outside Akatsi where David’s father grew up, a place David considers his “home village”. But before Pencils of Promise would build the school, they required a 20% contribution from the community. Due to their poverty, they couldn’t meet this requirement. Seeing the opportunity for a new school to be built slipping away, David gave of his own funds to help make up the lacking funds, a decision that was very difficult financially for him. See the picture below to see David in front of the completed school. His work with RHC is similarly driven by his incredible heart for the people of Akatsi.

David is the country director for RHC. He is the liaison between the Kekeli women, the district of Akatsi, and the RHC. He vets all our plans, solves any conflict that may arise, proposes our program budgets, and manages our costs. He is truly the lifeblood of the work we do here and we mean it when we say, we couldn’t do it without him.

Nor would we want to. He is a pleasure to work with and really wants to see the Akatsi District thrive and be healthy. We are grateful for the work he does and lucky to have met him. We hope one day to bring him to the USA for our annual fundraiser so that you can all meet him too!

David in front of the school he helped build in his home village.
David in front of the school he helped build in his home village.

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