Healthy Ghana Mamas and Babies

We started this incredible journey of working in Ghana a little over six years ago. San Diego is the place we all met, it is where we held our first meetings, planned our first trips, held our first fundraisers, and perhaps more importantly, found our first supporters. A lot of friends and family who heard what we wanted to do and did not say “nay” but “YAY!” So, it made sense to us to head back and share more about our current programs in a fun space.


WHO: You! and anyone else you know who is interested in women’s health, women’s empowerment programs, healthy mamas, healthy babies, education, or yummy beer…

WHAT: to learn about and raise support for current programs. Specifically HBLSS (Home Based Lifesaving Skills) which we will be teaching in the month of August to 57 Kekeli Women!

WHERE: Thorn St. Brewery, San Diego

WHEN: Sunday, April 2nd, 5-8 PM

WHY: Because we believe in the inherent power of women and their ability to educate and foster healthier families and communities.


We can’t wait to see you and share about the work we love!


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