Kekeli Is Growing!

The Kekeli Program is adding 24 new women and we need your support! 

In early August the Kekeli Program will be growing from 49 women to 73, a 50% increase! This expansion was put on hold last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however with stable case counts and social distancing measures, we have been given approval from the local public health authorities to move forward with our training.

This will also be the first training done entirely by our Ghana Team and we are excited to support them from afar. We know they are ready for this responsibility, as they have been running the day to day operations from the beginning, and with increasing autonomy over the past several years. Even though we are not traveling ourselves, we are still fully funding the training and the increased monthly expenses for the program with more Kekeli Women on board. This is where you come in!

The training next month will cost about $10,000. This includes 2 weeks of lodging and food for the 24 participants, plus staff and teachers. It includes travel money to and from the training site. It pays for materials and supplies. And it includes allowances for the time spent during the training, which would otherwise be used to earn income for the family. 

We are asking you to help us not only fund this training but also to become monthly donors (or increase your donation if you already support us) because the ongoing costs of running a larger program are significant. We are hoping to add new monthly donation commitments totally $1000 per month ahead of this expansion as well. That is 24 new donors to support 24 new Kekeli Women, with each committing to $40/month!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of the Kekeli Women is as important as it has ever been. They are trusted health educators in their communities and are a source of accurate information about a myriad of topics, COVID-19 included. We believe the time is right to grow the program and expand their reach even more remote communities in and around Akatsi. With your support, you are helping fund a program that empowers women in positions of leadership in their communities, is run by local Ghanaians, and has 10 years of history in rural Ghana. Thank you for helping them grow into their vision to reach every community in Akatsi.

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