45: Number of miles Steph and Coral ran around Mt Hood

11,250: Mt Hood’s total elevation

8,000: Feet of elevation gain on Steph and Coral’s route

3: Number of toenails lost

13.5: Hours it took to run 45 miles

47: Number of Kekeli women (current and future) on Steph and Coral’s minds while running

250: Teachings held by Kekeli women this year

8,302: Total community members reached and educated by the Kekeli women this year (so far!)

17: Number of new Kekeli women Steph will teach and who will graduate from the program in November

16,604: Projected number of community members who will be taught by Kekeli women in 2017

31: Number of new monthly donors who joined The Collective this past month!

770: Total dollars each month 31 new Collective members are donating

66: Total number of Collective members!

Now that’s A LOT of numbers! Thank you so much to everyone who joined The Collective, both this year and last. You are making a huge difference in the lives of people in Akatsi, Ghana. Thousands are being reached and provided invaluable health education. It is the goal of RHC that the people of Akatsi will live rich, healthy lives, free from the burden of preventable disease and illness. This could not happen without your generosity. YOU are enriching the lives of thousands of people each month. Thank you so much!!


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